H1B Admin Processing but no 221g or any other communication

Hi @anil_am22 ,

I’ve submitted my documents via dropbox at New Delhi consulate on 17th June, status updated as Application Received on 21st June, changed to Refused on 22nd June, changed to Admin Processing on 24th June and case last updated on 27th June but still in Admin processing. I’ve not received any communication from embassy nor I’ve received any 221g form. Do you have any insights into what is going on ? Do you think it is prudent to start a mandamus petition in this case as it seems stuck in AP for no apparent time. I’ve been in US for more than 12 years, and I’m an FTE with this employer for more than 5 years and it’s my second stamping with the same employer. Really worried about what’s going on.

It seems normal to me. Dropbox is taking 3-4 weeks on average in India at this time.

Check your email’s SPAM folder too to make sure you have not missed any embassy email.

thanks Anil for the reply. I think the cases are varying, my spouse too submitted via dropbox for H1B and her visa got approved in 2 days. What is worrying me is that I did not receive any communication at all regarding any interview or any additional docs. It also went from Refused to AP and then stuck in AP for no apparent reason. Really anxious

Hi @Soji_Varkey , Could you please let me know your status?