H1B Amendment Approval | Old Location

I am planning to move to a new Location A by May 2022, But want to apply my amendment in premium processing by end of Dec 2021 for some reasons. Can I stay in my Old location until May 2022 and move then (though if my h1b amendment is approved in Jan 2022) ?

Form I-129 part 5 #11 ‘Date of intended employment’ will govern the start date of the amended petition, so if the change is effective May 2022, that would be the start date (even if you apply now) and you may keep working at the location mentioned in current LCA & H1B petition.


Awesome, Thanks Kalpesh. Can I provide a temporary work address in the new location [in the same MSA]

Yes. You can provide a placeholder address that is in the same MSA that you intend to work.

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