H1B Amendment Decision delay after specialty occupation RFE

Hi All,

I work for one of the IT major based out of India.
I have moved from my previous client location to new Client location post filing H1B Amendment which was filed on 10 April, 2018.
Before Moving to new client my I797A was approved up to April 2020.

We have got RFE for Amendment which was responded on 1st May, 2019.

Still there is no result on my Amendment case, Please suggest what i should do next.

Where are you currently located physically?

What has been asked in H1B Amendment RFE by USCIS?

Hi Anil, Thanks for prompt response.
Currently I am located in Seattle, WA.
RFE was for special occupation justification.

You can upgrade your amendment application to premium.

Did you raise the service request with USCIS yet? If yes, what has been their response?

Hi Anil,

You are Awesome in response!!
I am upgrading my extension application filed few days back as Premium (is it ok?)
I have requested my employer to raise a service request for my Amendment.
Do you foresee any complication?
Manoj Gupta