H1B Amendment for Home office change


I am working from my home office and which listed in my LCA along with client office(also in LCA and in different state). I am planning to move to a new home office with in the same MSA(less than 10 miles away from my current home office address in LCA). Should I need to file an H1B Amendment in this case? or just a AR-11 submission will be fine?

AR 11 is all you need if new work location is in same MSA.

Posting LCA at home is also required.

Also, have an official record of communication with the HR that you are moving your work location within the same MSA via email and then share the posting start and end date.

You can post it at two different places inside the house/apartment.

H1B amendment is not required as long as only job location is changing within same MSA.

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