H1B and H4 Dropbox stamping

Hello, Sir
I was reading forum and I found similar case as me, can you please advise

I got H1B visa on my passport expired in Sept’2018. I’ve changed employers before the original visa expired and my current i797 is valid till Jan 2021. I’m planning to go to India this week and looks like I am eligible for dropbox. Likewise, my wife & daughter has H4 on their passport expired in Sept’2018 and their i797 is approved till Jan 2021. I’ve questions about dropbox -

  1. My daughter is under 14 and the website says that for kids under 14, we must submit copy of valid visa for both the parents. So, can I drop documents for myself, my wife and my daughter together at once or should I drop for myself and my wife first and once we get Visa stamped on our passports, then should we drop my daughter’s documents with copies of mine and my wife’s visa?
    Is anyone had this situation?
    Please share experiences, it would be great.

Thank you.

Hi @Manj06

Is your daughter eligible for dropbox separately than you or your wife?

She is not eligible alone at this moment due to either parent don’t have valid visa. I was reading discussion of Vaibhav that he had same situation as mine and able to do Dropbox visa stamping for him, his wife and his daughter even they don’t have valid visa.
Me and my wife are eligible for Dropbox at this time.

I don’t think you can use dropbox for your child if she is not eligible individually.

Check the eligibility using the app i linked above.

On 23/07/2019 while scheduling the appointment for my wife & Son ( H4) these are the documents they mentioned in the check list Dropbox option,

H4 Visa Dropbox Documents Check list :

 Interview Weaver Confirmation Page
 DS-160 confirmation page
 Latest Passport Photo
 All Available Previous Passports with a US Visa
 Photocopy of each parent’s current passport Biographic Information page (Applicable for
below 14 years age child)
 Photocopy of each parent Visa page (Applicable for child below 14 years)
 Photocopy of current I-797 (Applicable for H4)
 Photocopy of Previous I-797 (Only if the last Visa stamped on the passport and current
gap of more than one year – Applicable H1 / L1)
 Principal applicant’s current I-797’s copy (applicable for H4 and L2)
 Principle applicant Last Visa copy (Applicable for H4 / L2)
 All Previous I-797’s for the applicant (Applicable only for H4 / L2)

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Hi Anil,

Quick question on if i am eligible for the dropbox or not.
bit confused on this part “My prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months. *”
My visa stamp has expired on 08/30/2018 and as of now i have filled the DS160 and paid the fees and i would be in India on Sep 16th.
As i would be out of that 12 months period as on 09/16/2019 would i be still eligible for the dropbox ??

Hi @mukesb

As long as you can submit your documents before the 12 month period ends, you are good.

Thanks Anil for the quick turnaround.
So in my case to qualify for Dropbox, I need to submit the documents @ the Hyderabad embassy by 08/30/2019. As I would be reaching hyd only on 09/16/2019 I might not qualify for the Dropbox.
Am I correct ??

Yes, that’s correct.