H1B Another Job During Severance Period


I’m on H1B and due to some reasons employment date ends on Nov-30 2021. I would still receive severance pay for another 3 months (paystubs every 15 days) till end of Feb-28, 2022. My company is going to pay severance till Feb-28 irrespective of whether i found a new job or not.

I have few questions here,

  1. Does my H1B 60 day grace period start after Nov-30 or Feb-28?
  2. Does H1B allow to receive paystubs from new employer + severance pay stub from old employer during that severance pay period?. i.e. Can i join a new employer from Dec 1st and receive both paystubs.


Yes, this should be okay as you will only be working for new employer.

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