H1B approved but COS denied

I got approval for H1B but COS(H4 to H1) denied citing I left the USA in 2018. But I never left the country.

After came to know about the denial I checked my travel history in dhs site and found 2 entries(arrival and then departure) after my actual arrival.

I don’t how they came. I never traveled nor booked any tickets. Look like USCIS considered it and denied my COS.

I visited local CBP office and requested them to remove those entries. They said they can’t do anything about those and also said those are not official records and USCIS should not rely on them.

They suggested me to appeal.

Now the question is how long it may take to get the result from appeal. Anyone faced similar issue before?
Thank you.

I have not heard of such issue before.

The appeal process is long too and it may take same amount of time as the H1b approval itself. Also, its not guaranteed that USCIS will fix the issue.

It is better to go out of US and get H1b visa stamping to get on to H1B status.