H1B approved only for 2 months - Is stamping allowed for short duration?

hi Anil,
Got my h1b approval email for I129 fresh application. Yet to receive I797 by mail.
Petition is approved for just around 2 months till 25 Jun’19

I am in India, I would like to know what my options are -
How soon can I get a consulate appointment.
Will consulate approve visa for such short duration.
If yes, what will be the extension process in this case?

would appreciate any help in this regard.


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Congratulations on your H1B approval.

You should get H1B visa stamp quickly and enter US. You can get visa stamp approved from US embassy even though the H1B is only approved for 2 months.

Once you are in USA, you can apply for H1b extension as soon as you enter and then can keep working.

Thanks Anil for your prompt response.

I will proceed with what you have suggested.
But in case consulate dates are not available or any other circumstance due to which i can’t get the visa stamped, can I file for extension in premium on this petition and expect response within another month or so from USCIS?

Yes, you can file an H1B extention from outside USA anytime.