H1B Change of Employer

I have approved H1B till 2023. My spouse has H4 EAD approved till the same date and she started working this month.
I am going to change employer as I have a new job offer.

  1. Do I need to file H4 and EAD along with my H1B application or can she remain in her current H4 and work till her EAD is approved and then apply for an extension?
  2. Can I file for H4 alone along with my application.? So that EAD will be valid till the current date using old H4 and since we are filing H4 along with H1B, once it is approved, she can just apply for EAD once it is up for renewal.
  3. Is there any biometric requirement for H4, if H4 is applied along with H1B (2nd question)

No need for H4/EAD extension if they have longer validity. Just make sure to note the expiry dates and track to make sure you apply for extension within 180 days of expiry.


Biometric was waived off starting mid of May 2021.

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Thank you for the response @Kalpesh_Dalwadi