H1B Consular processing to change of status

I need to change from consular processing to Change of Status. My h1b visa is approved on october 2020. I am currently on F1 visa. My visa status will only be changed to h1 after I get it stamped in india since im on consular processing. Anyone has any idea how to file for amendment to change my consular processing to change of status to change my visa status from F1 to h1?

Your employer’s immigration lawyer should be able to file an amendment to your H1B from consular processing to change of status.

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Thanks @ Kalpesh. Do you have any idea how much will the USCIS fee be for the process?

Fee for filing form I-129 for Amendment petition is same as new/transfer/extension, but will vary based on employee count. Your employer/petitioner will pay the fees.

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