H1B CoS while H4 EAD pending, later H4 was approved

I was working on H4+ EAD both valid up to Oct/1/2020. On May /11/2020 My husbands’ employer applied H1B extension and H4& EAD extension. My husband got H1B approval from May/28/20020 , but my H4 and EAD status showed “Case received” for a while. Since H4 & EAD extension takes tremendous delay, I asked my employer to apply CoS to H1B (Since I already had an H1B) and I got H1B CoS approval on Aug/25/2020 valid up to Dec/18/2021. On June/09/2021 I saw the EAD status as " Card is being processed" , but my H4 status was still showing “Case received”. On June/10/2021 H4 status showed “Case was approved” and EAD status also showed the same. Today (June 17/2021) I received the H4 extension approval notice and EAD card. This cause my concern. EAD card shows it is valid from June/09/2021 to Oct/01/2023, But H4 approval notice shows H4 was approved from Oct/02/2020 to Oct/01/2023 at the same time the approval notice shows the notice date as June/09/2021.
My question is since H4 validity was mentioned as Oct/02/2020, (with out EAD validity), what will happened to my working time during the period from Oct/ 01/2020 to till date? Will it be invalid ? Because I heard that we should work with H4 & EAD, now I have different start time for those? Or am I good, since I did CoS and got approval as H1B worker during that time? Now my husband’s green card Priority date will be current next month and we are preparing to submit I-485 for both of us. Will this cause any issues in my green card process?
It would be great if you can answer my query.
Thanks in advance