H1B Drop Box Visa Stamping in Oct 2021

Hi Anil ~

I am planning to go vacation to India in Oct 2021 and also for H1B visa stamping eligible for Drop box.

Due to travel ban restrictions are in place and also NIE exception, Considering these would like to know any challenges and precautions to be taken on this. I have few queries like to check with Anil, If you can share your response it will be more helpful to me.

  1. So can anyone recently got processed successfully or any complications they have faced ?
  2. Am eligible for Drop box so still i need go over through interview process?
  3. Is there any specific supporting documents required for NIE form request for approval from my end or my from organization/client ?
  4. Well i have to get NIE approval - So am i suppose to submit the NIE form to the USA consulate at the time of Drop box or can i submit the NIE request form once i received the passport after ?
  5. NIE ‚ÄčIf it is approved well and good else if it got rejected will they stamp the visa in my passport or not?
  6. How many days it will takes to process the NIE form ?
  7. If NIE gets rejected - What are other possible options ?

Other than above queries any suggestions are much appreciated.