H1B Dropbox after employer change and H4 situation

Hello Everyone, thanks in advance for helping.

I have my H1b transfer approved (till 2024) and I’ve already started working for Employer B from last week.

My wife’s H4 extension was applied in April 2021, and was approved last week. (This extension was applied when I was with Employer A when I and my wife’s visa was about to expire in July 2021.)


  1. Now I’m planning to go for my H1b extension stamping. With my employer change, am I eligible for dropbox stamping? The Dropbox app does not have a question about, employer change.

  2. For my wife, can she also go for dropbox given her extension was filled when I was with Employer A? Or do I have to wait for her second extension to be approved which was applied when my H1b transfer petition was filed by the Employer B?

Thank you again.

Employer change is no more an issue.


You don’t need to wait for extension of status. She can use your most recent H1B I-797 approval and get H4 visa stamp. There may be I-94 mismatch if extension of status application is approved after you enter back to the US. This can be fixed though and is not a concern with your status.

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Thank YOU so much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi.

In that case, Is it possible to take a dropbox appointment for me and my wife together?
Or do I complete my dropbox first and then schedule hers?

You can do both at same time.