H1B - Dropbox - Hyderabad - Went to Admin processing, reverted back to Application Received

Hi @anil_am22 ,

I need your experience and guidance regarding the situation am currently in. Below are the details:

Am a FTE for the current company for about 2 years. I’ve entered US in 2016 and my VISA expired in 2017. I’ve came to India on a medical emergency on 17th Mar 2021. Availed the new drop box facility with the new rule of 48 months eligibility.

NOTE: I’ve changed 3 employers from 2016 - 2021

Mar 30: Dropped documents
Mar 31: case created
April 5: Administrative Processing
April 12: Application Received (status reverted back)
April 27: Case Last updated changed but still the status shows Application Received
No further update after that.

Passport status says: “Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate”.

Am really worried as why the status changed from Admin processing to Application Received and is stuck there. I called VFS help center and emailed them. But all they explain to me is what I see in the status. Nothing more than that.

  1. Is this a normal scenario?
  2. Can I assume my application could end up in 221g / Security clearance? If yes, Will consulate notify me?
  3. How do I know any communication from US consulate asking for more documentation?
  4. I saw in other posts, the email could land in spam folder, what would be the from email address?
  5. What in case if I deleted the email from spam folder, is there a way to know what was the communication from US consualte?

Thanks in Advance,

You have to monitor your email.

Usually, the mail system is smart enough to not send the email to SPAM if it contains important information.

People who report that email went to SPAM may be using an email system that’s not modern.

Gmail is one of the best.