H1b dropbox Interview waiver


I completed my application for visa on cgifederal website under H1-B classification and then paid the required visa fees on 31-May-2022.

Then based on the questionare on cgifederal, the system confirmed me as eligible for dropbox.
I got 9-Jan-2023 in Kolkata as my dropbox date.
My previous H4 stamping was expired on 28-Jun-2018.

Please let me know if there could by any issue with my drop box appointment on 9-Jan-2023 as i read that the interview waiver program was extended till dec 31, 2022, so will it be extended in 2023 as well?


In general, the Waiver Program should be in effect on your Dropbox appointment date. If it isn’t then you do not qualify. That’s what US Travel Docs support team had confirmed last year. You can still reach out to them for confirmation.

It’s advisable that you keep looking to reschedule your appointment before 1st Jan, 2023. Sometimes appointment pop-up due to cancellations.