H1B Experience Specialty Occupation RFE Approval - California Premium Processing

Just an update for all-
H1B Extension submitted on 22nd January 2019 @ WAC
Got receipt on 27th Jan 2019
converted to Premium on 27th March
Got RFE on 3rd April
Responded to RFE on 3rd June
Status online Changed to Approved on 9th June
Status update again on 12th June to Approved.

I have not received I-94 yet though.

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Hi Prashant,

Thanks for sharing the info, I to got RFE yesterday. If you don’t mind can I know what RFE did you get.

My RFE was to prove it is a specialty occupation. This is most common type of RFE as Anil also mentioned in his posts.

Documents that My company submitted:

  1. Client letter on Client letter head
  2. My Indian Offer letter
  3. Pay stubs- 3 months
  4. Experience letter
  5. Validation letter from 3rd party professors to validate that it is a specialty occupation
  6. A letter on my companies letter head confirming that it is a specialty occupation.
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Thanks a lot prashant for sharing the info. I think I might also get the same RFE, But my doubt is last time during my H1B transfer also they asked the same ? , Is their a chance of asking the same specialty occupation ? again.

I have met people who submitted all required documents in first place itself that proves that theirs was specialty occupation, still got RFE. In my personal opinion, it is more of a political gimmick or USCIS is just trying to buy more time, but i would call it just my imagination, there is no proof to validate my point.

Exactly Prashant even I am thinking the same they are trying to buy some time I think.

Hi prashant I have one ? in the documents list you have shared, Everything is fine but I did not understand what do you mean by 1. Validation letter from 3rd party professors to validate that it is a specialty occupation?

There are companies that evaluate jobs/educations and provide letters stating if job is specialized or not. My company went for it just to be double sure, it is not a required letter.

Ohh Thanks for the info Prashant.

One ? Prashant what does specialty Occupation mean exactly.

The way USCIS looks at it, specialty occupation is a job which needs skilled worker with certain years of expertise in some complex tools. Coding in Java .net are not specialized jobs.
If you work on a tool or language which is not common, and a fresher from college can not do it soon after he joins job, then that is specialized occupation.

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Hi @Amit-Rastogi

The chances of approval are 50-50 as per my opinion.
It seems you have not sent enough documents to prove ‘Specialty occupation’.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for quick reply.

So, according to you… What more docs can be added (as new SOW is in process for signature and from past history as given SOW, generally it will be signed in some where after 2nd week of every year December)

Hi @Amit-Rastogi

I have given the link for complete set of documents required to prove specialty occupation. Please read.

Hi Anil,

Yes, I saw the link and you have given contract document, MSA with SOW or Client Letter

There is other information about job details and similar job ads and more that you seem to have missed.