H1b Ext pending

hi @anil_am22 @Kalpesh_Dalwadi , I am working with employer E1 and my h1 expired in Aug2021, Filed for Extension by same employer E1 & same client A at location L1 in July and its in processing currently.
Now I got an offer from new client B from Chicago and its remote job. So my work location remains same.

If I want work with client B with same employer and location then what is the process that I have to follow legally

  1. Do Employer have to file an amendment with existing application?
  2. Employer has to file new H1 extension with new client?
  3. As My work location is not changing, dont need an amendment and I can start work for new Client c2 ?

If same MSA then not need to file amendment unless there are other material changes involved. Work with your employer’s immigration lawyer to check if amendment is needed in your case.

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