H1B extension after H1B amendment rejection

Hello Anil,
I have my H1B amendment rejected to Location A and started to work for old petition location B since i had a valid petition for Location B and had to return back to India since my i140 approval got delayed and I am in verge of 6 years.

a) Currently my company applied for H1B extension for the Location A after i140 approved and cooling period of 3months from the day of amendment rejection, could you please let me know what are the chances for approval for Location A?
b) Also if i go for a H1B transfer(H1B COE) to a reputed company will that be an issue for approval?


It is not possible to blindly guess the chances of approval unless you share the reason for the H1B amendment denial.

It all depends on the paperwork submitted by the employer as each application is treated separately and is judged on the basis of the current job position.

Thanks Anil,
Initial amendment rejection due to Speciality occupation and no further details are available since employer didn’t more details about that

It is possible to get the H1B extension or transfer approval after the denial earlier due to specialty occupation. It all depends on the paperwork employer submits.

Thanks Anil, I have my H1B extension Approved. Appreciate your response.

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