H1B extension + amendment - Can we file it in Nebraska

Hi Anil,
Question is that do we have an option to select the processing center when we file for H1b extension + amendment. I mean to ask, if we need to file it in Nebraska, can we ask attorney to do it. Heard from few people that only H1B extension is allowed in Nebraska and all H1b extension + amendment should be filed only in vermont. Could you please throw some light on this. Thank you.

Hi @skshanmu18

What you have heard is an old year story from last year when H1B premium processing was suspended.

Today, you need to file your H1B application based on the work location address. Premium processing is available for all types of H1B at this time.

Thanks Anil. I understood about premium processing is available for all types of H1b.

My work location is NYC. Last time, my extension was filed in Nebraska only as it was with same SOC code. But this time, my soc role is changed, so we are applying H1B extension + amendment. I was requesting our visa cell to try filing it in Nebraska if possible and they replied like this “Since your application falls under H1B Amd+Ext it will be filed to Vermont and if it is only Extension application will be filed to Nebraska.”

If my work location is NYC, last time they were able to file in Nebraska, hope this time also they can do. Could you please advise.

Thank you.

Hi @skshanmu18

As I already told you that what you are talking about was applicable last year when simple extentions were allowed in Nebraska.

Now, those restrictions have been taken off and you can only apply at the service center that has jurisdiction of your work location.

Thanks Anil. Could you please let us know NYC work location comes under which service center. Is there any site where we could see details about our work location comes under which service center jurisdiction. Thank you.

Hi @skshanmu18

Check the form I129 instructions for the service center address location.