H1b extension denied. Can I file H4 extension from US after traveling back once H1B approved?

My H1B extension denied and I came back to India. I’m filing H1 no cap through consular processing through the same employer as I have approved I-140.

My previous visa expiration is 3-sep-2019. From the eligibility checklist for dropbox, I’m eligible for dropbox.

My question is:
If I get my H1 visa and I alone travel back to US, can I initiate H4 visa for my wife after I go back to US.
The reason is, if I apply for both H1 and H4 from India, both of us should appear for the interview.
Is my understanding correct? Is this the correct way to do, if I have to go back at the earliest.

My son is a US citizen, so I would like to take him along with me, so he don’t miss his school a lot.


You cannot file H4 extension from US in your case. Extension is only possible if H4 is already in US and i94 has not expired.

H4 also has to go through the H4 visa stamping process as you will have to do it for H1B.

Once H1B petition is approved, my suggestion is to apply both H1B and H4 visa stamp interview together.

Thanks Anil for the reply.
I’m okay for H4 going through the visa stamping process but not H1 because I have to travel at the earliest.

Hi @visa_velu

There is no guarantee that visa officer will not call for interview even when you use dropbox.

So, be prepared. Many people get call for interview even after dropping their documents using dropbox.