H1b extension denied, filed new h1b with the same client

My h1b extension got denied due to employee -employer relation ship on Oct 23- 2019. current hierarchy is Client -> Vendor A -> Vendor B -> My employer. My employer could not produce the sow document between client and vendor A. I94 expired on Sep 8 2019

On Oct 31 Vendor B has filed new H1b in premium with same client and same hierarchy just moved from my current employer to Vendor B

My question 1 : because of the same client and same vendor A will it impact my approval?

My question 2 : How about the visa interview ? will it be tough ? what are the documents do i need to carry

My question 3 : Came to know that visa slots are also not available. when can we expect the slot ?

The chances are high for denial again if the denial reason has not been fixed.
Some people have got approval though after filing again.

Visa interview should be normal and you can expect questions about same employer employee relationship.

Check H1B visa stamping documents checklist.

Visa slots open up regularly and you need to keep checking.

thank you so much for your response

Forgot to mention about my I140. My previous employer filed I140 in premium and we got RFE. We need to respond before Nov 30 .

is there any impact on the I140 ?

I140 is a separate issue. I can’t suggest anything unless you can share the i140 RFE details.

Below are the RFE details.


This should not affect your H1B.

Looks like your PERM does not match the i140 application.

How about I140 Approval with previous employer ?
I got skill certificate from TCS and producing the same with I140 RFE.
Please suggest me if i need to include any other documents?

I don’t understand what you mean by “How about I140 Approval with previous employer ?”

You have to explain why the work location address is different in your i140 application than your PERM labor.

My H1 extension denied on june 24th. Applied for h1 extension again after current h1 expired and two days before i94 expiry. Package was received by Vermont center on June 26th as per fedex tracking updates. Haven’t received receipt number yet. Cheque is also not cashed. My employer’s attorney is planning to send another extension packet with the same previous LCA.

  1. Is any one facing similar delays (almost 2 months) with receiving receipt number.
  2. Is it advisable to send another packet while my first petition hasn’t got any update?
  3. Are there are any other possible solutions for my lawful presence in U.S(h4 or b2) ?

Thanks in Advance.