H1B Extension Denied - I94 expired


My H1B extension got denied on 5th Feb 2020 . i came to know the status through the website. My employer is yet to communicate this to me officially . When contacted them they said they havent received the denial notice yet . My question is should i wait for my employer to communicate the denial officially to me and then leave the country or should i leave the country on my own ASAP .


Hi @Robert_John

The unlawful presence starts from the day it is denied and not when the notice is delivered.

So, it is important that you plan to leave US as soon as possible.

Thanks Anil
Spoke to employer today as well and they say denial notice haven’t been received.

They say they cannot give any feedback by the result on the website.

Their answer is it may take a week more to receive the denial notice then they will email me on the departure and next options.

Till then they expect me to go for work as usual. Not sure what to do in this situation. Planning of booking tickets on my own and leave ASAP.

Hi @Robert_John

There is no need to panic. 2 weeks of time is considered fine to leave.