H1B Extension - Emergency Travel out of country

My current employer A applied for H1B extension on October 2019 in Regular process. Due to Family emergency. I travelled to India on November 2019.

I got another employer B on November 2019 and applied H1B transfer in PP
got a an RFE. If employer B got approved and provided necessary documents. i can go for consular processing thro Employer B. without resigning Employer A.

If visa gets approved, then I am planning to resign employer A and re-enter US and start working for employer B?.

Please let me know your valuable inputs. Thanks in advance

What is your question here? I don’t understand what you are trying to ask.

  1. Can i go for consular processing without resigning employer A?

  2. Any risk factor involved here?

You can go for stamping even when you are working for Employer A currently.
H1B job is meant for US employer and job offer in US.