H1B extension Premium processing vs Regular Process

Hello Anil,

My husband H1B extension was filed on Feb 5, 2019 (in the regular process), with H4 and H4 EAD visa extension by his employer in California Center. Our visa will expire next month at 04/29. My husband LCA is approved.

I am currently working on H4 EAD and after 04/29 I will lose my job if I will not get my H4 EAD. My husband can continue to work up to 240 days after 04/29; however, I can’t continue to work.

According to my husband company’s attorney, Premium processing is very risky and more chances to get RFE and risk of denial because of this they aren’t recommended to do Premium processing.

Should we do Primum processing or not and will it increase the risk of RFE for California Center and risk of denial?

How much time will take in the regular H1b extension for California Center?

As per my opinion, if your application is destined to get RFE, you will get it irrespective of premium or regular. So, it is better to get RFE fast than get it after waiting for 8 months.

The faster you hear about RFE, the faster you can respond and the faster you can get result.

This is a rumor that premium processing gets you RFE.
I have seen H1B approvals for people filing in premium within 3 days of filing if all paperwork is correct.

You can track the current H1B processing at California here.

Thank you Anil for your quick response. Your opinion helps a lot to make right decision.

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I applied for H1B transfer and received receipt on Nov 25th, 2019 (Vermont Service centre). Since then I have no update. I have a plan travelling to India in Mid March 2020. Should I go with premium? I was told there is risk involved in applying for premium. This is a full time opportunity. Please advise how to proceed.

I have seen processing times on this page that were last updated on 6-Jan-2020. Any updates after Jan 6th?


Hi @breddy

There is no risk in going for H1B premium. Not sure who told you this.

I suggest to apply premium and get approval before travel.