H1B Extention denied with concerning FEIN number

Need advise.
I am in USA currently. I work for firm A(No consultancy in between). They file my h1 extension & got RFE.
RFE details below.
1)Prove Employee & employer relationship.
2)Concern over FEIN number: As firm A big firm & having various entities. USCIS raise the concern over FEIN number for employee organization.

My firm corrected FEIN number in LCA by amending it & provided additional docs(pay stub,w2,401 & medical plan etc).

USCIS denied the case & did not accepted the Updated FEIN number in LCA .As current I94(valid till sept-2020) is still valid so firm is planing to re-file it again for same position.

Can you pls advise. What additional steps should be taken in re-filing to avoid any concerns. Also i plan to re-file in premium process this time.

Thanks in advance.

Is your current H1B i797 also valid till September 2020?

If yes, then you can file another extension before i94 expiry.

Additional steps cannot be suggested just on the basis of limited information that you have shared. Talk to your attorney as they know the exact details of why your extension was denied and what should be done now.