H1B- Extn+amendment filed with CA centre - Upgrade to premium or wait

My H1B Extn is pending with CA center from March, 27 2018. My employer wanted to me wait for another 20 days before converting to premium. When can i expect the result on my case under normal processing ? Is it worth to spend for premium now or wait until this month end and then convert ? Please suggest.


I think you can wait for your H1B approval till March 2019 end.

You should get some result by March end.

Hi Anil,

Look like CA center worst case is again reset back to Feb 11 . I think it is 3 rd or 4th time.

I don’t understand why its getting reset every time it reaches March 15 time frame. My case was received on 27-mar-2018 and i think i am badly stuck due to this.

I am really restless because of this and have decided to convert my case to premium this week. Please let me know your thoughts.


California will stay like this as they are giving very short H1B approvals based on SOW length.

I suggest to upgrade to premium and get rid of waiting stress.