H1b filing for Travel related assignments


How does h1b visa is filed for people who travel to client sites Monday-Thursday for a short term say twice in a month and then rest of the time work from home office. These are short term clients assignment that end in 3-4 months or maximum 1 year.

Does this type of H1b filing requires amendement every time the assignment changes to a different client/location to travel. I assume the home office location will always be there in LCA.

Is there any flexible option in H1b where they are allowed to do short term traveling Mon-Thur and then work from their based office without requiring to go through amendments every time?

Thank you for your insights. Much appreciated.

You need to consult with your employer’s immigration lawyer to discuss if you are in compliance with your LCA terms instead of trying to get answer on immigration forum because remember that comment/answers you receive on public forums are not from qualified lawyers and may not always provide you with correct guidance.

Above said, you may fall under what the USCIS/DOL calls ‘peripatetic nature of job’ and may not fall under a ‘roving employee’ category. In any case, I suggest working with your immigration lawyer to find out if amendment is required in your case.

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