H1B getting contract terminated due to COVID 19

hi Anil,

I reached US on H1 Jan 2020 working at clients office for a company in India. Now due to ongoing COVID 19 financial issues, the client is terminating my contract. This leaves me jobless and possibly on bench. Can you please help me know my best available options to stay and work in US?
As international airports are closed I am not able to fly back to India and not sure if this restriction will be removed any soon. (I wish to stay back here in US somehow. I94 expiry is on March 2021)

Your H1B employer needs to keep paying your salary even on the bench.

If they terminate your H1B employment, you will get 60 days to find a new employer.

If you cannot find a new employer and cannot travel back to India due to Coronavirus restrictions, it Is recommended to file H1B to B2 visa change of status.