H1B going to Maxout. Good option to convert to B2 COS for Medical Reason due to COVID Pandemic?

I’ve been with H1B for 6 Years in the U.S and my Maxout will be coming next month.
My PERM filed on Nov 2020 with DOL and went to PERM Audit on June, 2021 as per the email from attorney got the confirmation Audit was responded with DOL. My PERM still its pending with DOL.
My Wife is pregnant and her delivery due date is on Nov, 2021. But unfortunately PERM went to Audit. Due to variant Covid issues I thought about skipping the Travel and stepping back in the U.S but at the end of Aug-2021 I have to convert into a Business Visa. I have doctor letter as well about the risk factors.
Please suggest if I convert into B2 there will impact on the future or should I need to travel back to home country? Have the plan once have the baby will be travel back to home country hoping the B2 will be voided/withdrawn while traveled back not sure that will also the problem in the future.