H1B grace period - Multiple employers

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I got laid off from current job(A), H1 till Nov 2023. Last day is Jan 31. Got an offer(B) and they are starting the H1B process. Now another job is also almost confirmed(C). I am interested to take C’s offer. Have the following questions

  1. Do I need to inform Employer C about Employer B’s filling my H1B? Looks like both petitions will be filed after Jan 31 so during the grace period
  2. Is it advisable to ask B to stop H1B process and go with only C. Does B’s petition has any effect on C’s petition. Also both want me to join on receipt notice. I thinking of having premium processing for C’s petition

I all want is to make sure that I wont be out of status during these period.

  1. My Spouse is on H4 with EAD valid till Nov. Do I need to file extension now or wait and fill when it expires?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the reply. I have gone through the page before asking this question. I was looking a answer for my specific situation.
I understand that multiple transfer can be filed during the grace period but want to know if they are depended on each other. If I join B on receipt and then move to C on receipt and B withdraws the petition will I be out of status?

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No, you shouldn’t be out of status if you joined employer B using valid receipt that was generated before end of grace period.

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