H1B grace period

I came to US in 2019 on H4 visa and applied for H1B through a consultancy. My H1B was approved on Aug 2020 and valid from Oct 2020. Due to covid I didn’t get SSN appointment till November, finally I managed to get SSN by Dec 9th 2020.

My consultancy was not able to market my profile effectively and I couldn’t get any job offer till date. My employer mentioned that if I am not able to get a job with in the grace period he will revoke my H1B as it will be problem for his company.

My spouse is on H1B visa and has validy till 2022.

Could you please let me clarify the following:

  1. Incase he revokes my H1B, what are the chances to activate it?
  2. When will my grace period end, do I need to count 60 days from Oct 1st or from the time i received my SSN i.e, Dec 9th?
  3. What are the options to maintain legal status?