H1B i-94 Question


Me and my family planning to travel to India for short trip from Nov 1st – 13th. My daughter is a US citizen, so we are exempted from the travel ban.

In my passport I have valid visa stamping with Dec 10 2021 as the validity.

My H1 extension also approved till Nov 2024, however we are not going for stamping because of the tight schedule and unavailability of slots.

While coming back into US, In the Port of Entry should I need to show them the latest i797 approval notice to get i94 till Nov 2024 or can we request for amend if they give i94 only till Dec 10 2021?

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

CBP will issue I-94 inline with the new I-797 provided your passport is valid beyond Nov 2024. Otherwise I-94 will be issued till the date of passport expiry. Same applies to your H4 dependents.