H1B Layoff and what would be the last day for 60 days

I got layoff from an a company on june 1st, however my company is willing to run my pay-stubs through severance pay instead of paying in lump sum and will hold the h1b for some more months. If they revoke my h1b after 4 months (say sept 1st) will my 60 days starts from the day of revoke which is sept1st? or it will be counted from june1st? Please let me know.


The H1B 60 day grace period starts after your payroll is stopped.

Thank You Anil,

So if they stop payroll on Sept1st, my H1B 60 day grace period starts from Sept1 right? and last day of 60th day would be Oct 30th correct? where i have to transfer to another employer.