H1B Lottery Application


I am looking to apply for H1b this year and if I find 2 employers filing my H1B registration for lottery for this coming month end lottery, will it be legal to apply through 2 different employers and for 2 different positions.

Somebody mentioned that we can apply like above, but I found that one of the user in a FB group mentioning that he is facing issues related to this situation from last year lottery.

His message:- I filed for H1 in 2020 from two different employers, one got picked and other didn’t get picked. Received RFE for the one got picked. Last week got denied with NOID saying duplicate submissions and same passport number is locked for the beneficiary from two different employers. Anyone got the same situation? Checked with my attorney and suggested she got many cases like that and this year is getting more scrutinized and new registration might be a kind of trap. Any info?

Based on the above info, can I know if I can apply from multiple employers or is it not at all legal to apply even for the lottery.

Thanks in advance.

You can apply multiple H1B as long as the end job is different.

People usually do not tell the full story on social platforms.

USCIS considers the cases as fraud when the end job is same but multiple applications have been filed through various vendors trying to game the system.

Hi Anil,

I heard in 2022-2023 we should not submit multiple registrations for h1b filing from different employers.
Could you please confirm on This?

Hi Anil/Kalpesh,

Could you please confirm on above query to proceed further.

Multiple H1B registration for the same end job is considered a fraud irrespective of multiple employers.

Multiple employers registering for different end jobs for same employee/person is allowed.