H1b lottery selected and h4 pending

Hello Anil,
I had filed for h1, h4 and h4 ead extension in January 2020. My h1b was approved and my spouses h4 / h4 ead and son’s h4 is still pending( expedite request approved september 1 and no decision yet). In the meantime my spouse’s petition got selected in h1b lottery second round around August 2020 and the sponsor filed the petition in premium processing september 14th 2020. Not sure which comes first for my spouse.I need your guidance here. What should i do in these scenarios? What:
If h1b( for spouse) decision comes first
If h4/h4ead comes first
How will this affect my kid’s h4 filed along with spouse’s h4?
Awaiting your advise. Thanks.

You should withdraw one of the application to make sure only one of them gets approved.

Thanks Anil. Unfortunately both h4 (after expedite req approved)and h1b for my spouse got into rfe.

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