H1B Maxed out and PERM denied. What are my options?

My H1B maxed out in December 2020 during which my PERM was pending. I moved back to India expecting perm to be approved but unfortunately my perm got denied. What are my options now?

  1. Applying PERM with different employer as my employer seems to be not interested to expense PERM again.
  2. Appeal perm denial again?
  3. Am i eligible to apply for fresh H1b for FY 2022 for which the registrations are open by March 9th 2021.

Any other possible solutions?

You need to stay outside US for at least 365 days to be eligible for new H1B in lottery.

You can apply PERM with any other employer if you want.

An appeal can also be made by current employer for PERM.