H1B maxout and i140 applied from different company

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Asking on behalf of a friend

My friend works in company A whose H1B is gonna max out in couple of months but he got a i140 filed from company B. Now after the i140 approval can company A apply for H1B extension using the i140 raised by company

Also if he has to travel back to India after the H1B max out date and if wants to come back to USA after 2 years with a different employer other than company B who filed his i140,it should be fine right.
Note: He never switched to company B who filed his i140 and so didn’t work for them for 180 days.

Can someone please advise on this

@Anil.Gupta can you please respond to above query

Do you think your company B is fool enough to let you do this?

If they do, then you can file H1B extension with company A. If company B withdraws i140 before H1B extention approval, then you will be in trouble.

Read this for more information:

You mean company if B withdraws.right?