H1B Petition revocation

Hi all,

I was employed in USA between 2018 and 2020 on H1B visa. Last year, I travelled back to India and since then the initial 3 year stamp on my visa has expired. I have just over 3 years left but have not applied for a renewal. I am still with the same employer but intent to change job here in India soon. I am aware that my employer will be filing for a revocation after I resign.

My queries are:

  1. Whether my future employers will be able to utilize remaining time on my H1B visa? I do not intend to travel immediately but would like to know whether I have a chance after I change job in India.
  2. Is there a time frame before which my new employer has to action on it?

Thank you

Yes, the new employer can file H1B under cap-exempt and be able to use the remainder of 6 years period.

There is no time frame defined in the rule book.

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Many thanks for the clarification!