H1b Processing Time 2019 Archive

Hi Anil,

H1B Extension filed originally at California
Receipt date: 26th April 2018
Transferred to Nebraska on 18 Dec 2018
No RFE Yet.
I can only work till 28 May 2019 as per 240 days rule after the i94 expiry date.

  1. When can I expect an update in regular processing based on current processing times?
  2. Do you think as premium processing is started for all H1B petitions - It will further delay regular applications?


I strongly suggest to upgrade your H1B extension application to premium now as the re-opening or premium will flood the system and the chances are high that regular applications will be pushed a little back by USCIS.

Do not wait for the 240th day as you may lose more money by not working than paying for premium processing.

In regular processing, the chances are that you will get your H1B extension approved by April 2019 end.

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My Extension receipt received on Jan-28 .Filed at Nebraska center . I could see ,service date for the case is Jan -11 .

Is it normal to not consider the cae filed on Jan -28 till now ? My friends filed in Feb and March already got approvals . Any idea why its taking too much time or i can raise a service request now?

Hi @jane

It is possible that your case is taking longer than others.

Hi Anil,

My H1B extension was filed in November 2018, received RFE(Specialty Occupation) in Jan 2019. RFE response submitted on April 10th, still awaiting for the decision. Since my i-140 was not approved when extension was filed, attorney has filed only until 6 year max-out period(until Sep 2019).

  1. When can I expect the decision under regular processing?
  2. Do you recommend to upgrade to premium now? since I will have less than 2 months to file another extension with i-140.
  3. Are there any risks if I upgrade to premium now?

Appreciate your suggestions.

Rameswara Reddy

Hi Anil, I submitted my H1B transfer on May 10th 2019 and converted to premium on May 18 2019. I did not receive any further update from Vermont USCIS. Can you suggest when I will receive response from USCIS. Thanks.

Hi @prithivip
Premium cases always receive result within 15 days.
Your Employer must have got an email from USCIS. Check with them.

Hi Anil -

My employer has filed H1B amendment from India for first time traveler and we got receipt on Jan 28th 2019. When could we expect approval letter?


Hi @Agilan

H1B processing times vary by each service center. Please check the time table as given on our processing time page.


Hi @Anil.Gupta,

My h1 was filed with premium processing on May 22 and i received RFE(checked on the USCIS website) on May 27.

My attorney states that they have not received the RFE notice(hard copy) yet but i read somewhere that the attorney will be receiving the RFE notice via email when done on premium processing, is that true?

And how long will it it take to receive the RFE notice generally by mail or email?

What will the time given to respond to RFE when done on premium processing?
Will it be 60 days or 15 calendar day?


Hi @vaishnavi_senthil

USCIS only sends the case status information by email to your attorney in H1B premium cases. The actual RFE details will come by USPS postal mail in about 4-21 days.

USCIS gives 60 days to respond to RFE. Once your RFE response is received by USCIS, the 15 day premium clock will re-start.

Hi Anil,

I applied for H1B extension + amendment on Dec 28th 2018 (CSC) in regular. Received RFE on March 23 2019.

Submitted RFE with premium processing on May 22 2019. I still see my case status as RFE was mailed to me.

How can i get a receipt of RFE? Will my attorney get notified?

Also, does the weekends and holidays include in 15 day premium processing? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Praveen_Vasireddy

Your employer will receive an email for each USCIS status update if your application has been filed in premium.

USCIS case status website does not update all the time.

Premium processing is 15 calendar days which means it includes weekends too.

Hi Anil,

Appreciate if you could suggest anything on this.


Hi @RChinnapareddy

You should upgrade your H1B application to premium if you have the budget to spend.

Premium processing does not increase chances of denial. No risks.

My case is still “Case was received” at Nebraska centre and recepit date was ‘28 -Jan -2019’

My attorney checked with USCIS as service request and they says its “under review” .

How long it takes to further come to decison on a average .My extension is over 4 months and 5 days now .

Hi Anil, your prediction was pin accurate and I receive my approval on May 30th.Thanks for being so kind to help in queries.

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Hi @Arunava_Datta

Thanks, I am glad it helped. Do share the website with your friends if you think it is useful.

I also thank you for coming back and sharing your case approval with community. Enjoy.

Hey !

For my receipt number WAC19180XXXXX uscis website says that the case was received on 04/25/2019. How long do you think it’s going to take for me to get any updates on the status? approval or any kind of update? @Anil.Gupta

Hi @Kavisha

You should be able to get your h1B approval by Sep 2019 first week end.

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