H1B Receive NOID

Today, Received NOID on H1 Extension. Have 30 days to respond. I-94 and Visa expires on April 24th

  1. How long would it generally take for USCIS for a decision after the response?
  2. Meanwhile, Can I file H1 with another employer/s while the decision is pending?
  3. In case if Extension is denied, what are the legal options do I have to stay in the country atleast till end of 2nd week, end of school year for kids?

Hi @gan

What is the reason for NOID?

Primarily it is on 3 points - speciality occupation, employer - employee relationship, education relevancy.

You can file H1b transfer until USCIS takes a decision to stay in the country.

File it in premium and then join the new employer.