H1B revalidation with pending second concurrent H1B application


I am in US currently and have an approved H1B renewal application and an expired H1B. I used advanced parole to travel previously and so my I94 has parolee status. I need to get back in H1B status and for that planning on travelling to Canada and get visa re-validation. I have a concurrent/second H1B application that is pending.

I am wondering if that will make me ineligible to go for re-validation, though the primary one is approved.


Hi @tapank

Pending H1B application would not make you in-eligible for visa re-validation.

Hi Anil,

I entered visa advanced parole last time, so my previous I94 says DA. I need to get it changed to H1B. Do you think I could get it done via AVR? Thanks

Hi @tapank

I suggest to take a second opinion and then travel to use visa re-validation. As far as I know, you should be able to use it.