H1B revoked while H4 COS is still in process

I had to apply for H4 COS last Aug (2020) , and I completed my biometrics couple of days back . In the mean while , when I checked today my old H1B petition’s by my old employer, all of them have been revoked . They have been revoked in Jan/Feb 2021 ( my last employer’s I-129 is expiring on 4/9/2021).

  1. Will this create any issue in my H4 and H4 EAD processing. I have been on H1B in US for last 14 years.

  2. Secondly, once I get my H4, can another employer apply for H4-H1B COS, or will this be an issue .

Appreciate immediate response , since it is creating lot of tension .

Hello Team,
Can somebody please provide some inputs regarding the above situation is worrisome.

@anil_am22 - Can you please help to give me some clarity here . With an approved I-140 , and being in H1B for 14 years now, I believe I needn’t have to go through lottery again if a new employer need to do H4 to H1B COS . Can you please confirm.

You should be able to file H4 to H1B without going through lottery again.

No need to worry.

Thanks so much for your response.