H1B RFE for establishing Specialty occupation and my eligibility for the proffered position

I need help with my petition. USCIS has give 60 days duration to submit a response to RFE.
The job is Public relations specialist 27-3031. I have undergrad degree from INDIA in Political Science (3 years) work experience of PR coordinator and PR manager of 5 years. they state that the job doesnt qualify as specialty occupation or how am I eligible to work for the proffered position. we had sent an work experience and education evaluation report done by a univeristy professor for the dept. of public relations to suggest that my work experience is credible enough to have a bachelors level knowledge in public relations. I request experts to please share your thoughts.

While your job SOC code is included in STEM list of degrees (https://www.bls.gov/soc/attachment_c_stem.pdf), in case of adjudicating officer questioning the job position for speciality occupation, it is really up to the beneficiary and employer to prove that the job qualifies as a speciality occupation.

Your immigration lawyers should be able to guide you for all the supporting documentation like the type of work (job role and the duties), required qualifications (most of the time USCIS would like to see 4 year Bachelors Degree in the job related field), any minimum work experience required for the job (to be supported by employment verification letters from past employers), foreign degree evaluation etc.

The key is to closely work with your employer and immigration lawyer to carefully draft the RFE response with all supported documents as much as possible.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I had given them my experience letters of my past and current employer, dont know why they dont consider them in converting the 3;1 WORK EXPERIENCE TO ONE YEAR COLLEGE EDUCATION. I am looking for attorneys who are experienced in handling RFE cases. please recommend if you know any.

Below are couple of good attorneys.



Thanks a lot sir. Will get in touch with them.

AM22Tech also has the RFE help service with an attorney if you would like to try it.

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Wow, didn’t knew this :slight_smile:

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