H1B SSN + F1 SSN received Stimulus Money $2400

Hello Anil, thanks for posting the information on this blog. I don’t know if you have covered the below scenario but if you did not, please clarify my questions. If you did, then please point me to the URL and I will go through it. Coming to the question -

I came to the US in 2014 and have been on H1B since then. My wife came to US in 2017 on H4 and have been on H4 until Aug 2018. She had applied for Change of Status to F1(applied in Jan 2018) and got approved in May 2018 with F1(applicable) starting from Aug 2018 and is in F1 in 2019 as well. She received her SSN as she got a part time job on campus in Sep 2018.

We have not filed taxes yet for 2019 year but we have received the stimulus payment of $2400 based on taxes filed for year 2018. My Tax CPA told that we can file Married Jointly for 2018 year even though she is on F1 Visa.

So, we filed the tax returns being myself as primary. Since we both provided our SSN, I believe we have received the stimulus payment of $1200 each($2400).

I wanted to make sure if what we have received from IRS is correct or if we should contact our Tax CPA to return the money that we have received when we should have not.

I have looked for our situation online but couldn’t possibly find any advise regarding our situation. Kindly advise. Thank you.

I am not sure about what confusion you have here.

The money has been given to you based on your Adjusted gross income mentioned non 2018 return.

IRS is not checking the visa status but the SSN and ITIN status on form 1040.

So, as per my opinion, the amount is correct and there is no need to return it.