H1B Stamped with Employer B but want to work with A employer

Hello ,

My case is i have my renewal petition approved with employer A and transfer petition approved with Employer B.When i came back to India these both Renewal and transfer petitions got approved.

1)I got stamped with employer B(transfer petition) and now i want to work back with employer A, is it fine to work with employer A again,if yes what documents should i show at POE?

2)As usual if i travel using Employer B approval copy at POE then once i reach to US can i again work with employer A having said employer A got approval with i94 and not revoked my H1B or do employer A again required transfer petition?

3)Do i really need a stamping again with my old employer A?

krishna vollala

You can use the employer B’s H1B visa stamp to enter the US and work for employer A.

Thanks Anil for your inputs…but my question is at port of entry if i show company B 's approval notice i would get new i94.

does the new i94 invalidate company A i94?

When ever we come out from US and going back to US we always get new i94 right?

when i posted this on LAW BENCH immigration portal(paid service)–they are saying we should work to the company that we show at POE…not sure Anil i am confused a lot

Please advise!!


Hi Anil,

You wanted me to show A’s i797 or B’s i797 at POE?