H1B stamping at Mumbai Consulate, stuck in admin processing

First time H1B stamping (Fulltime job as direct employee in MNC)
I attended the interview for h1b visa stamping at US consulate in Mumbai on 22nd October 2019. After 5 basic questions (Title, salary, 1st time on H1B, Have u been on OPT, where do I Live), the VO said ‘visa is approved and good luck’.
The status on CEAC shows ‘administrative processing’ which was last updated on 22nd October.
He did not issue give me any 221(g) slip or mention anything about SEVIS check or any administrative processing.

@Anil.Gupta Is it normal to get stuck in admin processing nowadays? Lot of my friends in similar situation got back their passport in 3-5 business days.

Your input is much appreciated.

Hi @harishrm92

It is normal these days. You can expect your passport in about 14 working days if there are no SEVIS checks required.

@harishrm92 I concur with Anil. In July I had my Visa stamping in Mumbai Consulate and it took more than 10 days for my passport to arrive. So stay calm.

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Sent an email to consulate on 11/14/19 and got a standard response that my case was refused under 221g and will be reconsidered when administrative processing will be complete. But I was never issued any 221g slip during interview.
The status is still admin processing but the ‘last updated date’ changed to 11/14/19.
15 business days over and still waiting. Passport still with consulate.

Update of ‘last update change’ is positive sign. Don’t worry. Your case is moving forward.

Status changed to ISSUED on 20th November.
It took 17 business days from date of interview for the visa to be issued even though I was not given any 221g.

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