H1B Stamping India, DS-160/Dropbox Slot Query


I am currently on my OPT but was picked for the h1B lottery in 2020.

  • For the visa stamping, what duration should I list on my DS 160 for the intended length of stay? Is it the full duration of the H1b or the remaining months of the three year duration?

  • On the DS-160 should parents name include full name, ex. Arun Prakash Reddy or just Arun Reddy (currently listed on the passport)?

  • My OPT employer filed the H1B petition. On the DS-160 does the ongoing OPT duration count as “previous work experience”? If so, what would be the last employment date to be entered?

  • Since I have H1B consular appointment in HYD, can I book a slot in Delhi?

  • Is there a way to verify Petitioner details after the slot booking is done? I am worried that I may have mixed MM/DD/YYYY vs DD/MM/YYYY

Thank you!

Till the end date on your I-797.

Just match with name on your passport.

Any jobs in your field and related to your H1B job can be listed.

Yes you can schedule appointment at any consulate, doesn’t have to be same as on I-797B.

I dont think I understand the question correctly.
If you made mistake on DS160, you can fill out a new one and book appointment based on that. If appointment is already booked , you can call VFS and they will update your appointment with new DS160

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Thank you Kalpesh,

To further elaborate on the last query,


This should be the one mentioned on your I-797B. Check with your employer’s immigration lawyer.

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Reach out to support-india@ustraveldocs.com with your question. Attach a copy of your I-797. They should be able to help you out. You cannot do anything on your own now.

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Yes It is indeed the dates on the i-797B. However, while scheduling the interview, there is no confirmation page and it directly books a slot. Usually, websites have a dialogue box or a page that asks to confirm. The only part that I forgot to double check was the “Petitioner” details.


I have another query.

My F1 visa does not have “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”, It just mentions a number

Am i eligible for dropbox?

Thank you both.

Looks like you may be eligible but again this is at discretion of the consular officer.


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