H1b stamping outside India

Hi @anil_am22,

Just wondering where can we get the h1b stamping done outside India? (mexico, canada or any other country)


Any country that you like.


Thanks @anil_am22 ,

I’ve trouble navigating us embassy websites of other countries or know what to look for? Don’t see third party nationals information mentioned in their websites

How did you got your stamping done in Australia? (remember seeing your post, last time). What should we look for in the us embassy websites? or did you contact the embassies directly?


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Thanks @anil_am22 you are always helpful, really appreciate your contribution to the immigrant community

The system is not allowing me to book two different appointments with two different accounts.

Booked first appointment outside India with 1st account, tried to book 2nd appointment in India just in case the visa gets rejected as it’s not home country.

But the system is throwing error - asking me to merge both accounts based on same passport ID number used already in first place

How can we get this issue fixed? Tried contacting the helpline via email, phone. No luck so far

Thanks @anil_am22

As far as I know, they won’t allow two different appointments in two countries.

Wow, what do you think might be the chances to get a visa rejected even if everything is correct? Going on a tourist visa for the h1b visa stamping.

Also is 3 weeks enough time to get back the passport if things go well.

Can’t say about visa approval/denial chances.

3 weeks should be enough.

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How much was the risk in your opinion? (for TCN to get stamping in countries like AUS, GER) when all documents are correct with a clean record.