H1b Stamping while amendment petition is pending

My current visa stamp expired in August 2021. My employer filed for my H1B extension in April and I received an approved I-797 with validity until August 2024. Last week, I changed my residence address from City A to City B, which required my employer to initiate a location change amendment. My new LCA has my address in the new City B as well as the office address of my Employer in City B. The amendment was filed in regular processing, so it looks like it will take about 6-7 months to be approved.

My question is → I have to travel to India for my marriage in November 2021. Since my visa stamp is expired, I will need a new visa stamp to enter back in the US. Can I book my visa appointment using the approved i-797 while my amendment is pending? Will I be able to get visa stamped using my approved petition? Also, if I do get the visa stamp, will I have any issues at the Port of Entry since my amendment petition is pending?

You can but I would do premium processing for the amendment and use that for visa stamping.
It is better to discuss with your immigration lawyer.

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Thanks Kalpesh, I have asked them to upgrade to premium but it looks unlikely. I have a followup question. I have a dropbox appointment. Do I need to include the receipt number of the pending amendment in the list of documents?

Visa appointment needs approved petition, not the one pending adjudication. I don’t think there is a need to include the amendment receipt but again, you should talk to your immigration lawyers as they know better based on your case specific details.


Thank you Kalpesh, I will talk to my immigration lawyers