H1B Stamping will consider in Emergency Appointment?


I am in Canada and working on Canada Payroll. I have valid H1B extension and my interview was cancelled due to Covid-19. I have 2 reasons travel to US, first is job and another medical treatment.

I already had 2 surgeries in US and need regular treatment over there because my medical issue is critical. I have a note from doctor, it mentioned I need to be there for treatment.

My extension was approved in Feb only but now I cant wait for medical treatment. Will they consider emergency appointment on H1b due to medical condition?


There is no harm in trying for emergency appointment. There are no fixed official rule. Embassy takes decision on each case separately.


I am currently in the USA since Jan 2019. H1-B was with a previous employer.
I switched employer in April 2020 in USA. H1-B visa with new employer’s was approved in Feb 2020.

I have to travel to India for my marriage (not fixed yet due to uncertainties with stamping).

Am I eligible for stamping with an exception approval if i travel to India (be it dropbox or interview)?


Hi @dingchak

You can check yourself using this travel ban calculator.

I have been in the US this entire year and my H1B visa stamp expired in June this year. I have approved H1B extension(I-797) and I qualify for interview waiver thus I am eligible for visa stamping through Dropbox. I want to travel to India for some personal matter.
My questions are:

  1. Reading the language of proclamation and asking around, I am exempted from the Proclamation banning getting visa because I was in the US at the time of the proclamation. Is this correct? Anyone else in a similar state?
  2. If I go for dropbox option, how likely is getting 221g and getting stuck in India.

Please advise.

Hello Nitin ,

Yesterday only court blocks trump visa ban and if you are eligible for Dropbox then you good to go because Dropbox facility has started now.



hi nitin. iam also in the same situation. i need to travel to India and i had to go for h1b stamping. got dropbox appointment but not sure whether i will be held up.